Monday, December 31, 2012

There's "snow" more ice cream left!

Today I'm the meanest mom because I won't let sweet Caroline go sledding. She's on an antibiotic for stinkin' bronchitis, and isn't that one step away from pneumonia? I'm no doctor, but I told her I thought we should wait until Wednesday. This of course led to pouting, arm-crossing, and a whole lotta "I never get to do anything!"
Oh really? I found a way to make it up to my sweet angel with a little help from Paula Deen.

Paula's Snow Ice Cream

With only three ingredients, I thought a batch of snow ice cream might be just what the doctor ordered for a disappointed girl and a mom who doesn't want to be the meanest. Luckily I had a can of sweetened condensed milk and a huge jug of yummy Mexican vanilla (Thanks to Marvin and Linda).

Sledding with Dad might be the best thing to do on a snow day, but making a batch of snow ice cream (and it was rich and yummy) might be a close second. We each got a bowl of it and put one in the freezer for a napping Joey. My hero Jay, not wanting to dirty any more dishes than necessary, decided to eat his out of the great big bowl.  How generous.
I'm hoping to do this ice cream with the kids at the New Year's Eve party at our friends' house tonight. How fun will that be?

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